Elon Musk loses a tenth of his fortune in one day

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American businessman Elon Musk lost about a tenth of his fortune in one day, after losing $24.5 billion.

Intervals Forbes Magazine The loss of the founder of “Tesla” company, this huge amount came after the share of “Tesla” fell by more than 11% last Thursday.

The magazine indicated that Tesla’s stock fell 11.55% to $829.1, after Musk said that Tesla would not introduce new car models this year due to a lack of chips.

Musk announced the postponement of the launch of the future Cybertruck Pickup, Semi truck and Sports Roadster, which will be postponed to 2023, indicating that his company is not currently working on the electric car, which costs 25 thousand dollars, which was announced in the year 2020.

Earlier, Musk attacked the US President, Of the bygonesAfter the latter neglected to talk about Tesla, during a recent discussion on the production of domestic electric cars

“I meant it when I said the future would be made here in America,” Biden wrote on Twitter, on Wednesday. “Companies like General Motors and Ford are building more electric cars here at home than any other time ago”.

Biden’s tweet included a video clip of him speaking with Mary Barra, President and CEO of General Motors, who discussed the company’s $7 billion investment in electric vehicles, as well as battery cells in Michigan.

For his part, Elon Musk responded to the user’s tweet: “Biden is a wet sock puppet in human form,” and attached to his comment a sock emoji.

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