Elon Musk: Probably got Covid-19

Tesla boss Elon Musk suspects that he has Covid-19 – but is unsure after contradicting test results. He has “symptoms of a minor cold,” wrote Musk on Twitter yesterday afternoon (local time).

“I get very different results from different laboratories, but most likely I have a moderate Covid case.” He had already written on Friday that two rapid tests were positive and two negative.

Danger often downplayed

Musk had often downplayed the coronavirus threat and criticized measures such as the closure of shops and industries in California. In April he even denounced them as “fascist” and railed that people were “locked in their homes and their constitutional rights violated”.

Among other things, he disliked the fact that Tesla’s main plant near San Francisco had to remain closed. Musk also risked a confrontation with the authorities in order to restart production of the electric cars there faster.

So far, almost 10.9 million people in the USA have been infected with the corona virus, and more than 245,000 have died.

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