Elon Musk shows the manufacturing process of the new battery cells of Tesla cars (VIDEO)

The entrepreneur noted that his production line draws inspiration from high-volume industries such as food and beverage, medical devices and toys.

Tesla revealed the first images of its new battery cell, dubbed the 4680, and its Roadrunner production line. A video showing its manufacturing process was republished by the company’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, on his Twitter account.

The battery was first introduced in September last year during the company’s Battery Day, but then Musk only showed it through a PowerPoint presentation. Now, the businessman has finally shown the world what Tesla is working on at its Fremont, Texas, pilot battery plant.

The one-minute recording shows a white and blue battery moving through different stages of assembly with the help of different robots.

Tesla also took the opportunity to announce that it was accepting job applications for its factories in Texas and Berlin.

In the thread accompanying the video, Musk explains that the Roadrunner production line is inspired by high-volume industries such as food and beverage, medical devices or toys.

“With our giant foundry machines, we are literally trying to make full-size cars out of the same way toy cars are made“, compared the tycoon.

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