Emanuel Aguilera: It was an irresponsibility expulsion of Jorge Sánchez

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Enrique Martínez Villar

Aztec stadium / 02.02.2020 00:26:04


The expulsion of Jorge Sánchez at the first minute of the game before Juarez made the whole strategy of America will change and could not take the victory against the border, who knew how to take advantage of having an extra man to take the result.

About this situation Emanuel Aguilera He said at the end of the meeting that they should talk thoroughly with the former player of Santos so that he does not make this kind of mistakes again.

“We will talk in the week. We know that it is a very big irresponsibility, but they are situations where one learns. We must support it so that this type of thing does not happen, ”said the Argentine.

For its part, Bruno Valdez, another of the companions of Jorge Sanchez in the rear he said that the young Americanist was in the dressing room with a sad countenance for what happened in the game.

He was destroyed, he is a great player, now he needs the support of all of us, there is no doubt about that“said the central Guaraní.

“Those things can happen. Jorge’s is a play that football sends you, wanting to play the ball and was late. Those things can happen, “he added.



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