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The man surnamed Liu slammed a 100ml bottle of Erguotou within 5 seconds and was caught drunk on the spot. (Picture extracted from China Media)

2021/11/23 16:42

[Real-time news/comprehensive report]A 30-year-old man who loves to drink in Suzhou, China, lost his job. Due to economic instability, he often went to a supermarket near his residence. Liquor, unexpectedly, he poured a 100ml bottle of Erguotou within 5 seconds this time and was caught drunk on the spot. After the news was exposed, it attracted the attention of the outside world.

According to comprehensive Chinese media reports, a 30-year-old man surnamed Liu discovered a supermarket near his residence. Only the owner and his wife were watching the store. He pretended to go shopping in the supermarket many times, and took the bottled wine on the shelf and drank it secretly when no one was paying attention. , Put the empty wine bottle back on the shelf, and then pretended to leave. The owner of the supermarket said, “Because the monitor in the store was broken, it was not until the wine bottle was found that it was stolen that someone else had drunk it. Repair the monitor”.

Unexpectedly, the man surnamed Liu recently got a 100ml bottle of “Erguotou” with an alcohol concentration of 56 degrees. In order to prevent detection, he drank this bottle of wine once within 5 seconds. He was too drunk and was arrested on the spot when he fell drunk.

The police said that Liu Nan’s recent resignation led to unstable economic conditions, and he was quite fond of drinking, so he went to the supermarket to steal the goods on the shelves, and accused Liu Nan of theft. He is currently in detention.

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