Emergency protection against the virus in the test: does a syringe help against corona immediately? – Health

In addition to the vaccination, will there soon be quick help against the corona virus?

British researchers are currently testing emergency protection in a study that can prevent the outbreak of the disease, or at least a severe course of Covid-19.

Investigation started

The drug AZD7442 from drug manufacturer AstraZeneca consists of two different antibodies that are supposed to neutralize the virus immediately.

At University College London Hospitals (UCLH), the antibody mix was injected into ten test subjects who had been in close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case up to eight days beforehand. This is reported by the BBC, among others.

Immediate protection for people at risk

If the drug proves effective, it could protect vulnerable people who have not yet been vaccinated or who cannot be vaccinated.

Another problem could also be resolved: vaccines take weeks before full protection is established. By then, it will be too late for people who have already been infected.

The antibody drug is said to be effective for one year

The virologist Dr. Catherine Houlihan, who is leading the study, will now test the drug on an additional 1,000 subjects. According to the manufacturer, the protection should last up to a year.

Houlihan: “The vaccination works by donating antibodies. It skips the phase when the body does the work of making it “.

This technology already works for other viruses such as rabies and chickenpox, explains the expert.

Another study, already in progress at UCLH, is looking into whether the same antibody treatment can be used before someone is exposed to the coronavirus to prevent them from becoming infected in the first place.

This antibody injection could especially help people who have an immune deficiency or who are undergoing chemotherapy.


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