Emergency room given over corona lies from patients: Asks the authorities to tighten

Eidjar writes in a reader post in Aftenposten that more and more patients are showing a bad attitude towards infection control measures. She writes that the emergency room experiences more people lying about quarantine or symptoms both on the phone and on arrival at the clinic.

– They expose others to infection and diseases, without it seeming to worry them for a moment, she writes.

Eidjar asks the authorities to introduce testing of everyone who has been to red and yellow countries. She also requests that holiday trips abroad be limited, that it be made mandatory to wear a bandage in public and that the municipalities’ test capacity must be increased, especially in Oslo.

Minister of Health Bent Høie says Aftenposten that he is surprised if many lie about corona symptoms or quarantine. He does not want to take out the whip yet, but emphasizes that the Infection Control Act has penal provisions for offenses that the doctor warns against.

– History has taught us that getting angry and embarrassing people works against its purpose: Fewer people seek help and test themselves, and more people want to stay hidden.


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