Emilie Delorme, first woman appointed head of the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance

Emilie Delorme, in December 2019, at the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance (CNSMDP).
Emilie Delorme, in December 2019, at the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance (CNSMDP). FERRANTE FERRANTI

This is a first for the Paris National Conservatory of Music and Dance (CNSMDP). The Ministry of Culture announced, Saturday, December 14, the appointment of Emilie Delorme, 44, making the Frenchwoman, born November 23, 1975 in Villeurbanne, the first woman in history to head the venerable institution founded in 1795 A strong symbol after the three of a kind male who has just won the place of the country's musical strongholds – Alexander Neef at the Paris Opera, Richard Brunel at the Lyon Opera, Jean-Philippe Thiellay at the National Music Center. An atypical profile with regard to the noria of composers, from Luigi Cherubini to Gabriel Fauré, who have succeeded each other at the top of the institution.

Emilie Delorme, who will take office on 1st January 2020, certainly does not have the media aura of its predecessor Bruno Mantovani. The 45-year-old composer and conductor left his post at the end of July after nine years as director and will head the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain (EOC). But the young woman has noted remarkable service for her at the Aix-en-Provence Festival, of which she has directed the European Academy of Music since 2009, a learning and creation platform that welcomes more than 250 each year. artists from around 40 countries, in workshops and concerts.

Woman of conviction

In ten years, this woman of conviction and bulimic of work has played an important role in the field of contemporary lyric creation, developing networks of European academies such as the European Network of Opera Academies (ENOA), building cooperation with artists from the Mediterranean basin as part of the Mediterranean Incubator of Emerging Artists (Medinea) – two bodies founded by the festival. She also played an active role in the Aix integration in 2014 of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra.

Read the report at the Festival d'Aix (in July 2017): The Mediterranean as a creative basin

Emile Delorme studied engineering at the École nationale supérieure des mines de Nancy before joining the Institut Supérieur de Management Culturale in 1999, while working for the artistic agency IMG Artists. In 2000, she was in charge of production at the Aix-en-Provence Festival before joining the Royal Theater of La Monnaie in Brussels where she became director of schedules under the patronage of Bernard Foccroulle. It is he who directs his return to the Festival of lyric art of Aix-en-Provence, where he succeeds Stéphane Lissner in January 2007. Emilie Delorme also has a double musical training: instrumentalist courses – viola and violin – and musical analysis, followed at conservatories in the Lyon region and then Nancy.

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