Emilie Dupuis’ blow of anger after unveiling her new hairstyle: “It becomes very heavy morally”

Our Miss Weather forecast, Emilie Dupuis, who became the mother of a little girl for the second time in September, had a big rant this Sunday evening on social networks. In story, the pretty host unveiled photos of her day during which she opted for a new haircut, a short bob.

But now, this publication obviously did not please everyone, as Emilie describes it later in her story. Indeed, a subscriber sent her a private message, that she found it unfair that Emilie was entitled to a beautiful haircut while the rest of the country no longer has the right to go to the hairdresser. And this “fan” to write to him: “You have your hairdresser, but the Belgian people cannot have their hair done. Still different laws for the poor and the rich …”

To this, the host replied: “Dear Madam, before being my hairdresser, Jeremy was my husband.” Her husband Jeremy Velkeneers is the owner of the famous hairdressing and beauty salon of the stars “La Maison by JV”, located in Ixelles.

And the young woman to express herself afterwards with tears in her eyes on her publication in which she expresses her fed up: “It becomes very heavy mentally and morally. We all live in this catastrophic climate …” And explain: “You are so right. I have to go over it, I must not share these kinds of messages, but I confess to you that for the moment it is much, much, even too much ..”

“I have to get over these messages …”, concludes the host, whose messages of encouragement made her laugh … “I liked your comments of the style: “Does that mean that the doctor’s wife can no longer be treated by her husband and the cook’s wife can no longer eat her husband’s dishes?”, Emilie finally laughs.

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