Emilio Izaguirre reveals that he had offers from Peru and El Salvador and will celebrate if he scores for Motagua – Diez

The side Emilio Izaguirre is still preparing to debut in the tournament Closing 2021 with Marathón. “Milo” spoke of the treatment he has received from Héctor Vargas, the offers he had and the relationship with Motagua.

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“We had several offers from outside the country. From Peru, El Salvador the FAS Y Limeño they called me. El Vida was the first in the National League and then Marathon. Due to many factors, one of them the pandemic, because we have our parents, my wife, my mother-in-law and we are in their care. We heard offers, we never thought of leaving the capital, but we asked God for direction and now we are close, three hours from Tegucigalpa. We are aware of the family or we bring them here, “he told Cinco Deportivo.

Emilio has already done five training sessions with the purslanes and began to learn about Héctor Vargas’ idea. Will your style of play change? They asked him.

“More than anything to help young people to play quickly with one or two touches. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to play two touches to give dynamics to the team and in Marathon we have had three groups and the nice thing is that there is a nice group who listens and young people who want to learn Solani, Arriaga and “Machuca” come closer, “he said.

The now former blue player hopes that the experienced team will join the purslane team Mario Berrios Y Carlo Costly, who train with the team.

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“I hope we have the opportunity for Mario Berríos to stay, who is a benchmark and Carlo Coslty who are going to contribute a lot. There are guys like Adrián, who I liked the mentality, they want to learn. Hopefully everything is for a blessing and to achieve goals that It is the championship in Marathon, “he added.

How was your relationship with Motagua? “It is something difficult, I never expected it. Something very hard what happened, but football is like that. I do not want to get into controversy, I am grateful to Edy, Javier and Pedro Atala, with the board, they are technical decisions. The most It was hard because of the family, who resented it but you have to be strong. God opens many doors, I had many and it happened here in Marathon where they have received me well. I did not know the teacher Vargas, but everyone speaks well of him, no player speaks bad of him, there is always respect for the player and that has pleased me “.

He will scream at the top of his lungs if he scores for Motagua

Emilio wore the Motagua shirt for eight years. He made his debut with the capital team in 2004 and in 2010 he left for Celtic of Scotland.

Now he is getting ready to defend his second shirt in Honduran soccer. Are you going to celebrate a goal against the Cyclone? His response was forceful.

“Yes, of course, I have to celebrate it always thanking God. That is professionalism. Everyone knows the respect and affection I have for Motagua, but within the field I have to support Marathon because they opened the doors for me. I say yes Inside the field I grab my son and sweat him, but outside it is different. “

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Partner with Wilmer Crisanto:
“All of us who know him know that he is never silent, he speaks louder than a parrot, he invents some stories that I don’t know where he gets them from. His way of being is beautiful, Marathón has felt it, he has pleased the group.”

He speaks of Héctor Vargas:
“Prof Vargas is a very competitive coach, who demands maximum responsibility from the young man and the experience. Hopefully Berrios and Costly can stay and help the team a lot. Héctor Vargas is a winner and off the pitch he treats him very special. That pleases the group a lot. “


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