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He’s a sacred American rap monster. Eminem gained great notoriety in the 2000s when he showed that a white man could do much better than the blacks considered to be the best rappers of the time. During these years, the interpreter of « Not Afraid » has sold 30 million albums worldwide. Between 2010 and 2020, the veteran Detroit rapper spent some 14 million albums. Alone Adele and Taylor Swift did better in the United States.

Over 72 million albums sold over the past two decades

Interplanetary singers like Justin Bieber et Drake, come just behind him in this ranking. If we count all the sales of the American Rap UFO internationally, we easily reach more than 72 million albums over the past two decades. Eminem therefore remains the best record seller of this 21e century and all time. Despite his 25-year career, the rapper has never faded in the minds of his fans and the advent of information and communication technology has failed to make him a holdover. His music has enjoyed the same success on streaming platforms.

Also on streaming platforms

His hits like « Love the Way You Lie », « The Monster », « Not Afraid », allowed him to accumulate 17.8 billion streams. Alone Drake et Post Malone have done better over the last ten years. The Detroit veteran’s rap has therefore not aged for 25 years. He managed to eclipse legends like Tupac Shakur et Biggie Notorious in terms of record sales. Let’s admit all the same that these sacred rap monsters died very young.

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