Emirates Health Services reviews the mental health of young people

A panel discussion on youth and the future of mental health, organized by the Emirates Foundation for Health Services, today, Sunday, at the House of Wisdom in Sharjah, reviewed ways to promote and disseminate the best experiences and practices in the field of mental health and to communicate positive messages that contribute to promoting mental health for young people and their role in sustainable development and the future path.

The seminar discussed the important role played by opening channels of communication between youth councils in launching and adopting mental health initiatives based on their creative ideas to enhance their community participation and their abilities to assume responsibilities to lead society in the future and contribute to its well-being and sustainability, in line with the future directions of the state.

The youth circle – in which a number of officials and workers in the medical services sector in the Department of Mental Health and 20 youth participated – aimed to increase public awareness of concepts related to mental health among young people and open new horizons for them to learn about the developments and developments related to mental health, change the negative perception and reduce stigma related to mental health among young people, as well as enabling them to launch future initiatives and activities to promote mental health in the areas of prevention, comprehensive and integrated services and digital mental health, to explore the views of young people about mental health services that must be provided to respond to their needs.

The Foundation’s Director General, Dr. Youssef Muhammad Al-Sarkal, praised the efforts of the youth in the Foundation in organizing discussion panels that review vital topics of interest to groups of society in terms of investing in the future, empowering young people and motivating them to more creativity and innovation, reflecting the Foundation’s endeavor to become at the forefront of government agencies that provide effective support. And make the most of the potential and experience of young people.

He stressed that the Foundation attaches special importance to the youth category in its health and psychological programs and works in cooperation with the community and concerned government agencies to implement comprehensive and integrated programs to enhance their mental health, in line with the directives of the wise leadership on the importance of young people and their empowerment to be pioneers in building the future of the UAE in various sectors of the state.

For her part, Director of the Mental Health Department at the Foundation, Dr. Noor Al-Muhairi, pointed to the importance of the youth seminar on youth and the future of health services at this time when the world is facing the repercussions of the pandemic, pointing out that the themes of the seminar dealt with promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders, understanding their symptoms, and providing mental health services. Integrated digital mental health and the quality of services that must be provided to respond to the psychological needs of young people.

Al Muhairi explained that the event included 3 axes: prevention and promotion of comprehensive and integrated mental health services and digital mental health, and the prevention of mental disorders, quality of life and mental wellness, and the expansion and integration of services, integrated and responsive care and mental health services for young people, in addition to the digital mental health axis, relying on Artificial intelligence in mental health, smart applications, virtual care and exchange of ideas, in addition to reviewing solutions and developing appropriate recommendations and initiatives, with the aim of coming up with innovative ideas and collective participation in the positive impact and the importance of mental health care.

The seminar witnessed a debate on “Youth Mental Health and Digital Technology” and a brainstorming session to develop solutions, recommendations and supportive initiatives.


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