Emirates NBD offers a quadruple certificate with the highest interest rate in banks

11:43 p.m

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

Emirates NBD Egypt announced the launch of a savings certificate with terms of 4 years in Egyptian pounds, with a fixed interest rate, at the highest interest rate offered at the level of banks during these terms.

According to the bank’s website, the bank decided to offer a quaternary certificate with an interest rate of 18%. The return is paid monthly, and its purchase starts from 100,000 pounds as a minimum, then multiples of 10,000 pounds.

Holders of new issues, whether from the bank’s customers or new customers, and certificates whose terms have expired and the customer wishes to reinvest their proceeds again, benefit from the new high-interest certificate.

The bank also offered two triple certificates with a high interest rate, including a triple certificate, one of which is a certificate with an annual interest rate of 18%, the return is paid monthly, 18.25% the return is paid quarterly, and 18.5% on an annual return exchange period, and the minimum purchase amount is 350 thousand pounds without limit. version max.

And another triple certificate, which starts to be purchased from the first thousand pounds, at an annual interest rate of 17%. The return is paid monthly, which is the highest monthly return provided in banks at the level of banks subject to the supervision of the Central Bank. It is sold at a low minimum.

Attention is drawn to the Central Bank’s meeting next Thursday to resolve the Monetary Policy Committee, in its second meeting during the current year, the decision to raise interest after it violated expectations, and decided to fix the interest rate at its last meeting, to record the interest rate with the Central Bank of 16.25% for deposits, and 17.25% for lending.

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