Emirates News Agency – Ajman Chamber organizes a workshop on “Corporate Governance and Governance of Commercial Risks”

AJMAN, September 23 / WAM / The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized, over two days, a workshop for entrepreneurs and project owners under the title “Corporate Governance and Commercial Risk Governance”.

The workshop was presented by Ibrahim Al-Tamimi, Director of the Bahrain Program for Best Practices and Governance, and CEO of the Future Court, one of the tools for future foresight, while 176 business owners, pioneers and entrepreneurs attended the workshop.

The workshop discussed the concept and definition of corporate governance and its role in protecting against future risks, especially after the phase of the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on business sectors and companies, where various projects began to improve their internal system to enhance their competitiveness in the local market through the development of internal reference control, which in turn is important Great for small and medium businesses in particular.

Jamila Ahmed Kajour, Director of the Ajman Business Support Center, stressed the keenness of the Ajman Chamber to provide entrepreneurs and the business community in the emirate with all the expertise and tools necessary to develop and advance their projects through specialized training courses and workshops, through which we seek to identify the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and provide them with expertise. necessary to address them and achieve achievements.

She added: “The “Corporate Governance and Commercial Risk Governance” workshop contributes to enhancing the capabilities of entrepreneurs and project owners, by providing mechanisms and scientific rules that guarantee the optimal administrative organization in their institutions, and defines for them the models of the organizational and administrative structure and factors for the success of this organization, as well as ways to train employees They have the concepts and tools of governance.

The workshop dealt with the types of risks facing companies from the reality of their activities and the sources of these risks, in addition to the responsibilities of risk management at the corporate level, ways of analyzing and evaluating risks and developing plans to control project management risks .. in addition to identifying the feasibility of applying governance, and its role in reducing the problem of conflict interests, and realizing business values ​​and principles as an effective link between the governance of organizations and the fight against corruption.

The workshop also shed light on the most important knowledge about corporate governance and its role in improving economic and investment performance, and the motives for the emergence of corporate governance and its characteristics, with the definition of the concept of governance from an accounting, legal and administrative perspective, and a review of governance controls and standards, as well as the characteristics of a good organizational structure.

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