Emirates News Agency – Human Resources in Ajman organizes a workshop on “Mental Health in the Work Environment”

Ajman, 12th October/WAM/ The Ajman Government Human Resources Department organized a workshop on “Mental Health in the Work Environment” in conjunction with the World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10 each year.

The workshop, which was attended by employees of government agencies in the emirate through the visual communication program, dealt with a presentation of the 30-minute program to promote mental health for Ajman government employees, which was launched by the department last May, in addition to a review of several axes on the importance of mental health for the employee in the work environment, psychological and moral support programs for employees, and health-promoting methods. psychological so that they increase their productivity.

Safia Al-Mahrazi, Acting Director of Human Resources Programs and Services, said that the workshop aims to raise awareness of mental health and enhance institutional awareness of the importance of the moral and psychological health of employees and to overcome pressures and challenges with the support of specialists and consultants in the field of mental health to achieve the required balance between professional and social life.

WAM/Saad Al-Mahri/Mohamed Nabil/Zakaria Mohieldin


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