Emma Motion, a connected mattress that sticks to your positions

Emma, a German bedding specialist, is launching a mattress that dynamically adapts to your sleeping position and transmits the information to an app.

Where other connected bedding rests on an accessory that you slide between the mattress and the box spring or that fit into the box spring (read The Withings Sleep Analyzer monitors sleep apnea) in it it’s the mattress that does everything.

Two Emma Motion mattresses on a standard box spring

The new Emma Motion model from the Frankfurt manufacturer follows your changes of position during the night thanks to the first “intelligent” surface of the mattress. Then the main and lower part, containing the foam, is compressed or decompressed at the height of the bust and pelvis of the lying person, to adapt its shape.

The upper part of the mattress is also designed to take into account the heat released and regulate it by means of graphite particles. Secondly, a mobile app will be launched to track sleep and apparently provide ways to customize the way the Emma Motion works.

The launch of this mattress will start in France and the Netherlands by the end of the month, but its price has not yet been communicated. The more classic model that Emma currently sells ranges from € 445 to € 945 (depending on size and excluding sales). The manufacturer offers 100-night trial periods and a 10-year warranty.


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