Emma Watson announced she is retiring from acting for a time

After starring in two dozen movies, Emma Watson decided to take a break. This was confirmed by her representative, who explained that the 30-year-old is going to go through a period of inactivity. This new stage has already begun, according to the British media The Daily Mail” class=”com-link –s” data-reactroot=””> The Daily Mail, who managed to contact the actress’s agents. The reason, they say, is that Watson, known for playing Hermione Granger in the eight films of the saga of Harry Potter, you are going through a time when you want to focus on your personal life and, specifically,in his partner, Leo Robinton” class=”com-link –s” data-reactroot=””>in his partner, Leo Robinton.

“Emma decided to go underground, she’s settling down with Leo. They both prefer to stay hidden. He probably wants to start a family ”, is the phrase that the British tabloid reproduces from sources that, it says, are from the actress’s environment. Watson’s agent confirmed to the newspaper that his career is “on hiatus” and that “right now he is not going to get involved in new projects.”

Emma Watson is in a relationship with the American Leo RobintonGROSBY GROUP

Watson y Robinton They have been dating for about a year and a half and their relationship became known when they were seen kissing in London in 2019. Robinton, who is the same age as the British actress, is American and runs a small business in California, which she founded after working in a legal retail and distribution store. of cannabis. A source close to them then said: “Emma and Leo did everything possible to keep their relationship private. Since the photos of both of them kissing came out, Leo has abandoned all social networks in an attempt to protect their relationship ”.

More than a decade ago, at the height of his popularity thanks to the Harry Potter universe, Watson had already taken a break from acting. In 2008, at just 18 years old, he was finishing shooting the last film in the saga and announced that he was going to stop, especially because of his intention to Study a university degree.

“I am going to face a difficult battle because when I finish Harry Potter, I don’t know … I definitely want to go to college ”, The Times“class =” com-link –s “data-reactroot =” “> then declared to the British newspaper The Times. “I have enough things to hold onto away from the world of fame: a supportive family and a full life away from Harry Potter. I don’t think I’ll ever be a part of anything as big as that again, so I need to get used to the feeling that it’s over. What I am sure of is that I am not going to take a job in the cinema just because I am not doing anything else. ” The hiatus lasted two years although it could be seen in the filmMy week with Marilyn” class=”com-link –s” data-reactroot=””>My week with Marilynwhere he made a participation- and then headlining the cast of one of the early hits of his career as an adult, The advantages of being invisible.


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