Emmanuel André announces that generalists will once again be able to provide screening tests, “we are much better armed”

Since the start of the epidemic, Belgium has identified 47,859 cases of coronavirus contamination. A number that we know is not representative of the epidemic in the country since only the seriously ill were actually tested for the virus.

But that should change as we approach deconfinement. Indeed, as Emmanuel André announced on his Twitter account, people who consult their general practitioner will again have access to a diagnostic test. “We will once again allow all general practitioners to have access to the diagnosis. From the first days of the epidemic, we had to restrict tests to the people who were the sickest, “said the virologist on the set of RTL. “Today, as the epidemic has decreased in intensity and testing capacity has increased, people can again be offered a diagnosis. A doctor who suspects an infection can refer his patients to a sorting center ”.

On Twitter, the virologist was delighted with the evolution of testing capacities in the country. “In a few weeks, the laboratories have multiplied by 100 their capacity to carry out tests. We are now much better armed! “


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