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Emmanuel André: “The Covid Safe Ticket had the opposite effect to that expected”

Faced with the epidemiological situation which continues to deteriorate, the authorities have decided to tighten the screw. The nightlife has once again been brought to a halt, the Horeca has been imposed a closing time and private events have been banned. Will these measures, which affect our entire country, be sufficient to stem the epidemic peak? Virologist Emmanuel André (KULeuven) was rather skeptical. “If you really want to break such a wave, you have to limit the number of contacts as much as possible,” he told our staff. colleagues of De Morgen . “It’s purely mathematical, I have no opinion on the subject. But our society has always flirted with minimum effort for maximum results.”

“The Covid Safe Ticket has led to more contamination”

The former interfederal spokesperson thus regretted that we had once again opted for “soft measures” which only “prolong the suffering”. It is also, according to him, inadequate rules that were partly at the origin of this fourth wave. “Vaccination reduces transmission, but not enough to compensate for the higher contagiousness of the delta variant,” continued the virologist. “However, this was not sufficiently taken into account during the easing of the month of October.”

He specifically targeted the Covid Safe Ticket, “which did not do what people expected of it”. “It did not increase the vaccination rate so much, but it led to more contact between people and therefore indirectly also to more contamination since the two are linked,” he reported in De Morgen. “The Covid Safe Ticket has therefore had the opposite effect from that expected, also because other measures were phased out when it entered into force.”

A variant “capable of spreading at an unprecedented speed”

Finally, Emmanuel André called for vigilance regarding the Omicron variant. “It is certainly more contagious and that implies that it can bypass our immunity a little,” he detailed. On Twitter, he estimated that this new strain was “capable of spreading at an unprecedented speed”. “I would like to believe those who say it will be less severe “, he concluded.” But there is nothing to affirm it. We must not sell dreams. We need numbers. ”

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