Emmanuel André’s bitter wishes to Belgians returning from vacation: “Surrealism”

Emmanuel André gave a rant on Twitter on this New Year’s Eve. Indeed, while travel abroad is still strictly discouraged due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus, some Belgians have taken advantage of the opening of Swiss ski resorts to spend winter holidays in the snow.

The doctor microbiologist points the finger at this decision which he describes as “surrealist”: “The Belgians (often the wealthiest or those who were relatively less affected by the crisis) are returning en masse from their holiday destinations where the rules were less strict than in Belgium whereas there are many more cases in these countries. #surrealism “, He wrote in a Twitter post accompanied by an image of Tintin in a snowy setting on which is written” Happy New Year “.

“The same people who will complain in two weeks that the epidemic will not be under control”

The virologist Marc Van Ranst had also attacked, a few days ago, the Belgians who had decided to go abroad for the end-of-year celebrations: “The big problem is that people who are currently in Switzerland are exactly the same who will complain in two weeks that the epidemic will not be under control, ”he complained.

“It’s not very smart to go skiing now. Hopefully there aren’t too many compatriots in Switzerland. On the ski slopes themselves, it’s not dangerous, of course. But at the ski lifts, you come into contact with other people. This may help bring variants of the virus into Belgium, ”he concluded.


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