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2023-09-24 18:35:34

Guest of 8 p.m. on TF1 and France 2, facing journalists Anne-Claire Coudray and Laurent Delahousse, Emmanuel Macron spoke about these “French people who need to ride“and announced new aid, could reach”100 euros per car per year“. The president also explained that he would ask distributors to sell fuels at “cost price“.

The Head of State addressed the issue of rising fuel prices: “Gasoline increases as crude oil increases. The price of a barrel is increasing and this will last. We pay for our independence. There is no miracle solution“, he lamented.

Consequently, the president renounces selling at a loss: “The threat of lowering the threshold for selling at a loss was brandished. It will not be in Wednesday’s text (in the Council of Ministers, Editor’s note). We keep her as a threat“.

Borne will meet industry players this week

Before adding that the Prime Minister would “bring together all the players in the sector this week” pour “ask them to do it at cost price“.

Many distributors have carried out fuel sales operations at cost price in recent months.

New aid of 100 euros

Emmanuel Macron also announced new aid to compensate for the high price of fuel, “limited to workers“and to the most modest, and who could reach”100 euros per car per year“.

It is “limited but much more relevant“, because it will be addressed to “people who work and need to ride“.

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In this surprise interview after a busy week, and the day after the Pope’s visit to Marseille, Emmanuel Macron also raised the issue of migrants. The day before, the sovereign pontiff had called on Europe and in particular France to “welcome” and “protect” the latter. “The pope was right to call for this surge against indifference,” the head of state initially commented. Then to temper: “Europe is the continent that does the most (…) We, French, we do our part! (…) We cannot accommodate all the misery in the world,” said the president after this two-day stay of the sovereign pontiff in Marseille, marked in particular by the stroll in a popemobile along the avenue du Prado and the mass, celebrated in the Vélodrome.

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