Emmanuel Macron offers a protected area for the thousands of Afghans stranded there



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On Saturday, the French president explained that France was discussing with the Taliban to allow evacuations of civilians seeking asylum through Qatar.

Identity documents in hand, hundreds of Afghans crowd in front of a hotel in Kabul (Afghanistan) Sunday, August 29. These many families who are candidates for departure are still blocked. On the French list of threatened Afghans, there are still hundreds of people. But since Friday, no French plane has taken off.

From Iraq, where he is traveling, Emmanuel Macron is considering an alternative proposed by France and the British. “Our project aims to define a protected area in Kabul in order to be able to continue humanitarian operations”, declared the head of state. The proposal is due to be presented to the United Nations Security Council on Monday.

The protected zone, near Kabul, would make it possible to assemble the candidates for exile and then evacuate them by civilian planes to neighboring countries such as Qatar. For Pierre Servent, specialist in defense issues, the establishment of this zone could present difficulties: “It will attract even more terrorist attacks from the Islamic State.”

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