Emmanuel Macron promises breeders to stop reintroducing bears

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During his meeting Tuesday in Pau with breeders, the president called for the implementation of a protocol aimed at preventing harm from the most voracious bears, confirms to Figaro Secretary of State Emmanuelle Wargon.

Brown bears photographed in Parc des Angles in 2015.
Brown bears photographed in Parc des Angles in 2015. RAYMOND ROIG / AFP

Emmanuel Macron puts a brake on the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrenees. Faced with the anger of breeders who have repeatedly demonstrated in recent months after the multiplication of attacks on herds, the president took a step in their direction during his trip to Pau on Tuesday. “This is the first time that breeders have met the president directly”, welcomes Philippe Lacube, president of the Association of Chambers of Agriculture of the Pyrenees (ACAP) who participated in the meeting.

According to him, “The president announced that he would act in writing, within six to eight weeks, the end of the reintroduction of the bear in the Pyrenean massif. He also promised to implement a protocol to prevent harm to the most voracious bears. A way to identify them and extract them from the territory if they are too dangerous. ” A protocol mainly concerning Ariège where 1250 of the 1500 ewes victims of predation by bears were counted last year in

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