Emmanuel Macron sends an SMS of virulent support to his Minister of Health

The French president has already expressed his dissatisfaction with the slowness of the vaccination campaign in France. “Me, I wage war in the morning, midday, evening and night and I expect the same commitments from all. However, there, that does not go. It must change quickly and strongly and it will change quickly and strongly, ”he said in Le Journal du Dimanche at the start of the year. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. From where a very big anger of the president.

But while it is the Minister of Health Olivier Véran who is the target of all criticism, Emmanuel Macron takes his defense in a virulent way. He sent her a clear text: “Hold on, we’ll get them, these assholes.”

The “assholes” in question are the members of the health administration that he would like to bring to heel, considering them as “a state within a state”.

During a meeting in recent days, he would have grown very angry when he read a brochure given to nursing homes about vaccines. ” What is that thing ? Who wrote this? The French take us for fools! I want us to really step up on vaccines. I do not understand why we impose a medical consultation before, blow me this! He would have exploded.


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