Emmanuel Macron slapped: Damien T. referred Thursday for immediate appearance

Two days after the incident of the slap inflicted on Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday during a trip to the Drôme on Tuesday, the main suspect, Damien T. will be referred Thursday for an immediate appearance, said Wednesday evening the prosecutor of the Republic of Valencia, Alex Perrin, Wednesday in a statement.

Arrested immediately after the incident, the attacker of the Head of State was taken into custody at the Romans-sur-Isère gendarmerie brigade with another man, Arthur C., who accompanied him. During his police custody, the latter explained that he had acted “without thinking” to “express his dissatisfaction”. “At the present time, it would seem that premeditation cannot be retained in the accomplishment of this violent gesture,” the statement further indicates. Aged 28, he is also from Saint-Vallier, a small town in the north of Drôme.

The other in custody, Arthur C, will be issued a summons to court for the end of the second half of 2022 to respond to offenses related to illegally held weapons ”found at his home, specifies the prosecutor. Their custody, decided for the counts of “violence without incapacity on a person holding public authority”, was also extended “in order to continue the checks”.

A video of the scene posted on social networks shows a man wearing a khaki T-shirt, a black beard and long hair, slapping the President of the Republic, while a voice screams the royalist war cry “Montjoie St Denis ! “, As well as” Down with macronie “.

After the facts, Tuesday evening, Emmanuel Macron wanted to “relativize” this episode, denouncing “isolated facts”, committed by “ultraviolent individuals” who do not “deserve”, according to him, that we let them “take possession of the public debate ”, in an interview with Dauphiné Libéré.

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