Emmanuel Macron: “We have a special relationship with French-speaking Africa”

In an interview with “GrandContinent“, President Emmanuel Macron clarifies his vision for Africa. “When we take Europe and the relationship with Africa, we have twenty-seven stories with Africa”, explains the French president by evoking a disparate African vision from Brussels, capital of the Europe of the 27.

Special relations with Africa

“I wouldn’t say that the opposition is between East and West”, specifies the French president. “Take France and Germany: we don’t have the same relationship with Africa. First, because language is important and Africa is largely French-speaking. And we have a special relationship with French-speaking Africa. I wanted to rebuild a very strong relationship with English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking Africa, which is what I assume. I was the first French President to go to Ghana or to go to Kenya for example. Or to go to Lagos. It sounds crazy, but it was like that: France only had a relationship with a certain Africa ”.

The question of migrants addressed

And Emmanuel Macron to declare that we must not look at Africa through the sole prism of the issue of migrants: “What could complicate Europe‘s relationship with Africa today? It is the migratory fact, that is it. This is because we only look at Africa through this medium. I think this is a mistake. It must be resolved, on certain subjects. Today we are witnessing a massive abuse of the right to asylum. This is what disrupts everything ”.

Like that of terrorism in Africa

In the eyes of the tenant of the Elysée, the real subject with Africa is its economic development, its peace and its security. “Help Africa fight against the scourge of terrorism and jihadist groups in the Sahel, in the Lake Chad region, now in eastern Africa where there are, from Sudan to Mozambique, absolutely untenable situations. Then we have to help it with economic development through agriculture, entrepreneurship, education, especially for young girls, and all this emancipation policy that we have started to pursue. But we have to push much further. This is the key for me ”.

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