Emmanuel Moulin, a “transcurrent” at the head of the Treasury

It is “The friend of the right” by comedian Sophia Aram, whose heart beats ” to the left “. But who can really say what is the obedience of Emmanuel Moulin, appointed on October 21 at the head of the Treasury, this powerful administration? He never ceases to pay tribute to his first mentor, Michel Rocard. Socialist Pierre Moscovici, who took him under his wing in his younger years, sees him rather in “Sarkozyste” that in “Right-wing man”.

Finally, in 2017, the senior official put himself at the service of Emmanuel Macron, this head of state “neither on the right nor on the left”, and trained with Bruno Le Maire, of which he was the chief of staff in Bercy, a perfect duo.

“In his own way, he has been in politics all his life”, summarizes Mr. Moscovici, even if he led it behind the scenes. Because to the spectacle policy, that of the platforms and the effects of sleeves, the enarque says to prefer the shadow of the ministerial cabinets and the posts of the high administration. Have influence, rather than power. Advise the princes, but preserve his life from the media, even if he has to wear himself out by building up, in record time, a recovery plan to “save” the country. “Politics, that of elected officials, it’s a dog’s life”, he assures.

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Emmanuel Moulin, 52, father of four children and a few extra pounds due to the excesses of the first confinement, is what is often called a “technocrat”. One of those men with a pale complexion and dark suits, comfortable with numbers and “elements of language”, which whisper in the ears of ministers and heads of state.

A man easy to work with

The Treasury department, which he has just joined, is however an enlightened backstage, and Emmanuel Moulin appreciates that the light is finally shining on him. “He is extrovert, he likes to laugh, convince, train, say what he thinks. It is not a question of ego, simply, his temperament occupies the ground a little ”, observes Mattias Guyomar, State Councilor and judge at the European Court of Human Rights, his friend from the National School of Administration.

Clever, hardworking to the point of exhaustion, amiable without being obsequious, funny without being mocking, the fifty-something has, wherever he has sailed, left in the memory of a man with whom it is easy to work. “He likes people, contact. He is jovial, not at all dogmatic ”, testifies his friend Ramon Fernandez, who worked with him at the beginning of the quinquennium of Nicolas Sarkozy, him as economic adviser at the Elysee, Emmanuel Moulin at the cabinet of Christine Lagarde, in Bercy.

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