Emna Everard (Kazidomi): “Eventually, let’s stop eating meat and fish”

Although battered by inflation, healthy and sustainable food is making its way onto our plates. Rightly so, according to Emna Everard, creator of the Kazidomi online store allied with Delhaize.

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Journalist in the Economy department

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SIf you do not yet know Kazidomi, you will discover this online player specializing in healthy and sustainable products by going shopping at Delhaize. The young Belgian company has just introduced its own brand products in six Lion supermarkets in the form of corners dedicated, as well as on the major distributor’s online store. Entering its seventh year of existence, Kazidomi is in great shape. The company has maintained its strong growth (doubled business) acquired during the covid crisis and thus defies the law of the niche market of organic, healthy and sustainable products, battered by the decline in consumer purchasing power. . At its head, its founder Emna Everard explains its success and indicates in what direction all of our consumption could evolve in the future.

Why did you join forces with Delhaize?

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