Emphasis on the fun of exploration and nurturing… Looking forward to next year’s Diablo 4

Director Joe Shelley “Continue to update content after release”

Blizzard’s representative ‘Diablo’ series is a long-lived intellectual property (IP) that has been over 26 years since the first work was released in 1996.

‘Diablo 2’, the second game in the series, became a hit with 15 million copies sold worldwide after its release in 2000, and ‘Diablo 3’, which came out in 2012, sold 30 million copies in 3 years, more than doubling the box office success of its predecessor. did.

Diablo, which has formed a thick fan base that spans generations in the Korean market, will return next year with its official sequel ‘Diablo 4’ after 11 years.

Blizzard introduced Diablo 4 through a closed demonstration to media outlets around the world that took place from the beginning of this month to the 8th (Korean time).

Diablo 4, which I experienced for a week, creates a more serious and dark atmosphere than the brightly colored Diablo 3.

The restrained but meticulously implemented skill effects and sound effects evoke nostalgia for the 2D games Diablo 1 and 2.

Emphasis on the fun of exploration and nurturing...  Looking forward to next year's 'Diablo 4'

Diablo 4 development director Joe Shelley said in a joint interview, “We focused on effectively conveying the dark and brutal worldview, and we were especially inspired by Diablo 1 and 2.”

Unlike previous works where the direction of progress was determined by the storyline, Diablo 4 emphasizes free exploration.

Villages, dungeons, and monsters are placed all over the wide map, and various events occur randomly during exploration, and you can obtain valuable items and goods by clearing them.

The monster’s level adopts a ‘level scaling’ system, so it is always set to a level similar to that of the player.

The character development method was newly created by reinterpreting the method of Diablo 2 and 3.

Barbarian, Rogue, Elementalist, Necromancer, and Druid Each of the five classes has its own skill tree, and each active and passive skill has a distinct theme, which can be strengthened by investing skill points.

Skill points that have already been invested can be refunded in part or in whole by consuming ‘gold’, a commodity in the game, so you can try various things.

In addition, when you reach level 50, you can strengthen your character in your own way through the ‘Conqueror Board’ system available.

Director Shelley explained, “We tried to make players have interesting and diverse choices, and we are also working hard to adjust the balance so that certain builds do not become rigid.”

Emphasis on the fun of exploration and nurturing...  Looking forward to next year's 'Diablo 4'

Unlike previous games that were serviced as packaged games that were completed from the time of release, Diablo 4 has the same game quality as a multi-access role-playing game (MMORPG).

In the fields and villages, you can naturally encounter and interact with other players, and there is also content that cooperates with multiple users to defeat strong enemies.

Director Shelley said, “We plan to continue to provide follow-up support by introducing seasonal content for several years after the release.”

Diablo 4’s specific release schedule has not been disclosed, but there are observations that it will be in the first half of next year.

In June, it was classified as ‘unavailable for minors’ in Korea.

Rod Ferguson, manager of the Diablo franchise at Blizzard, expressed his gratitude for the support of Korean fans who are waiting for the next game, saying, “Recently, ‘Diablo 2 Resurrection’ and ‘Diablo Immortal’ were well received in Korea when they were released.”

Emphasis on the fun of exploration and nurturing...  Looking forward to next year's 'Diablo 4'

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