Employability: the best UK universities

New data on graduate employment shakes up UK university rankings published each year The Guardian.

For the first time in ten years, Oxford takes first place in the ranking of British universities established by The Guardian, “The data collected shows that more and more of its students are accessing high-level jobs after completing their studies”. Cambridge, on the other hand, fell to third place after holding first place for nine years.

“Several other universities are improving their performance thanks to new data on graduate employment”, emphasizes the daily. This is particularly the case of King’s College London or the University of Brighton, which has jumped twelve places in the ranking. As for the London School of Economics, it is also thanks to the criterion of employability that it can return for the first time since 2015 to the top 10 of the best British universities.

121 universities evaluated

Previously collected only six months after graduation, the data allowing the evaluation of the jobs held are now collected after a period of fifteen months. In addition, this data is no longer collected by the universities themselves (sometimes suspected of manipulating the figures to save their reputation), but by the national agency for higher education statistics.

The classification of Guardian covered 121 establishments in total. The criteria used include in particular the results obtained in one year by new registrants, the satisfaction rate of students at the end of the course, the evaluation of the quality of teaching by students, the number of teachers and the amount of fees. of schooling.

This ranking is the first published after the British bac fiasco, which traumatized many students this summer, and while the worst scenarios envisaged for universities following the coronavirus pandemic seem to be avoided. “British students preferring to postpone their studies are ultimately less numerous than expected and the number of foreign students enrolled has not fallen as much as feared”, ensure the Guardian.

Top 10 UK universities

  • 1. Oxford
  • 2. St Andrews
  • 3. Cambridge
  • 4. Durham
  • 5. London School of Economics
  • 6. Bath
  • 7. Loughboraugh
  • 8. Warwick
  • 9. Imperial College
  • 10. Lancaster

Source : Guardian’s annual university guide


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