Employee of the Concepción Palacios Maternity Hospital in Caracas captured for illegal sale of medicines

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Officials of the Division of Investigation of Crimes Against Public Health of the Cicpc, in company with the security personnel of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) and the Concepción Palacios Maternity Hospital, in Caracas, carried out the apprehension of a pharmacy assistant of the neonatal center that was dedicated to the illegal sale of medicines whose sale is supposed to be prohibited.

The general director of the scientific police, Douglas Rico, identified the apprehended as Daniela Patricia Molina Lopez.

Large quantity of medicines

During an inspection of the house of the detainee, they found 24 containers of Sodium Chloride, an injectable solution, nine vials containing Cefazolin, one vial containing Vancomycin, one vial containing Ceftriaxone Sodium and one vial containing Penicillin G Sodium.

He also had in his possession three vials of Ketoprofen, two vials of Amikasine, five vials of Ranitidine, one vial of Gentamicin, two vials of Hyoscine Bultibromide, two vials of Distilled Water, and one vial of Hydrochloric Tramadol.

The citizen stole all the medicines from said maternity hospital to market them in foreign currency and thus obtain an economic benefit.

His case was left to the order of the Public Ministry.

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