employees called to strike, no newspaper on Saturday

Faced with financial difficulties due to the cessation of sports competitions in spring 2020, the newspaper has been crossed by strong tensions since June.

The newspaper and the magazine the team will not be broadcast on Saturday, their employees being called to strike on Friday against a social plan which provides for the elimination of forty jobs, we learned from the management of the group and the inter-union at the origin of movement.

The call for a strike, from 24 hours from 4:00 p.m. Friday, was launched by the unions SNJ – SNJ-CGT – UFICT-CGT – SGLCE-CGT, which represent “Journalists, executives and employees” daily and magazine The team, but also of France Football, Bike Mag and Sport & Style, also edited by the group. This strike “May be returned every day at 4:00 p.m.” if the direction “Does not agree to enter into real negotiations”, specifies the intersyndicale in its appeal sent to AFP. “We want the withdrawal of the social plan or a completely different project, which eliminates a lot less jobs, and much more important starting conditions”, explained to AFP Stéphane Antoine, elected SNJ-CGT at the CSE, who predicted “A very large mobilization”. Contacted by AFP, the management did not wish to react, but specified that the daily and the magazine would not be broadcast on Saturday.

Faced with financial difficulties due to the cessation of sports competitions in the spring of 2020 with the coronavirus crisis, the group has been crossed by strong tensions since June. It has around 700 employees. The employees were then opposed to the draft collective performance agreement presented by management. This project provides for a reduction in wages (-10%) and in the number of days of RTT, in exchange for the preservation of jobs over the period 2020/2024. The management responded at the end of October by announcing a reorganization and a job protection plan (PSE) in the publications. These are weakened by an uncertain advertising market and the decline in number sales. But the intersyndicale deplores “(Starting) conditions much lower than those which prevailed during the PES” previous ones, while “The group’s financial situation has not deteriorated, however”.

Further deterioration of working conditions

Before the strike, more than 180 publishers, iconographers, proofreaders and journalists had expressed their dissatisfaction in letters addressed to the management. As for journalists, 115 reporters from The Team, The Magazine Team and France Football are indignant at the removal of 13% of their workforce, or 17 positions, in a letter consulted by AFP. They demand the abandonment of the PES, which they say they do not understand “The timing, not the content”, and who will lead according to them “To a further deterioration of (their) working conditions”. “How can we believe in a rebound if we neglect, shortly before the Olympic deadlines (2021 and 2024), the regular monitoring of entire disciplines, so-called individual or collective ‘small sports’, which have nevertheless made the history and the richness of our newspaper ? “, they wonder. Part of an atmosphere “Heavy, sad, gloomy” in their writing, after having “Taken the blows, the PES, the reorganizations” for years, journalists have been broadcasting “Serious doubts about the course chosen”.


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