employees “do not see themselves going elsewhere”

Between anxiety and the desire to believe in a rebound in the company, Camaïeu employees hope that a buyer will save as many jobs as possible after their brand was put into receivership last May. ” Camaïeu, it’s our DNA, after twenty-one years here, I don’t see myself going elsewhere », Says Malika Mariane, CFDT deputy elected to the social and economic committee (CSE) of the ready-to-wear company.

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Alongside a dozen employees installed at the entrance to the head office in Roubaix, who have condemned one of the two entry routes by means of shopping carts, she makes great signs to ” those of the offices », Other employees who drive by. Some honk in support, others have their faces closed.

Two trade-in offers

« Yet they are in the same boat as us », Emphasizes Marcel, who has worked in warehouses for twenty-seven years. Warehouses in which the strike launched on July 20 was particularly popular. ” We understand the employees from the offices, they received a message telling them that they would be fired if they left », Adds Lionel, who has twenty-eight years of seniority. In a rather good-natured atmosphere, the strikers applaud the delegation which goes to the commercial court, located in Tourcoing, where the magistrates have studied two takeover offers.

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The first, presented by the current manager Joannes Soënen, plans to take over 446 stores out of a total of more than 600, by associating the logistician Log’s who would take over the 150 employees of the Roubaix warehouse. In total, around 2,500 jobs would be saved out of the 3,146 that the company had on July 15 (including 2,700 in stores). A plan supported by the union “United to act together” (UPAE), which was in the majority until the end of 2019, but which is strongly opposed to the inter-union CFDT-CGT-FO, which weighs, assembled, more than the ” house union As several elected officials call it.

Michel Ohayon in the ranks

The second offer is that of Foncière immobilière Bordeaux (FIB), from businessman Michel Ohayon, which announces the takeover of around 500 stores and 2,700 employees. After taking over 22 department stores of Galeries Lafayette in 2018, and injecting capital into the Grande Récré, the FIB has probably won over the inter-union: “ we obviously support the offer which limits redundancies as much as possible », Declared Thierry Siwik, CGT union representative.

« The FIB presents a solid project, which will put product quality back at the heart of the strategy, it holds up », Supports an elected CFDT. Same tone at FO: ” the FIB, I go with my eyes closed, they inspire confidence », Replies Christelle Espagnol, representative of the saleswomen.

As they entered the courtroom to present their offer, the representatives of the FIB were applauded by the members of the inter-union to a football tune (“ Go FIB! »). The encouragement of the twenty UPAE members present outside responded almost immediately: ” Come on Joannes! ».

Strong attachment to the company

Beyond these divisions, the employees present all expressed a strong attachment to Camaïeu: “ it’s a brand that’s in our guts, but now we no longer believe it, we must restore confidence “, Advances Christelle Spanish, who criticizes the strategy followed so far. “ J” would like to rediscover the family business from the beginnings, one that transmitted to us values ​​of pride and solidarity », Sighs Malika Mariane. Her two children worked at Camaïeu, her daughter even stopped her nursing studies after being “ fell in love with the company », She specifies.

The final court decision could be made as early as August 5. ” The later the better, because even if we limit the breakage, it will be the green light for sending the dismissal letters », Concludes an elected CFDT.


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