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Peruvian employers indicated that their hiring intentions are cautious for the third quarter of this year (July to September), according to the recent ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook survey.

With a sample of 550 employers, the Net Employment Outlook for the period from July to September 2021 is + 2%.

For Marco Nicoli, Regional Director of ManpowerGroup in Peru, Peruvian businessmen present cautious hiring forecasts after the moderate control of the pandemic, the slow vaccination process and the uncertainty regarding the current political situation.

These factors have impacted the projections of various economic sectors“Said the executive of this entity.

-By sectors-

According to those surveyed, employers in five of the nine industrial sectors expect to increase their payroll during the last quarter of the year.

The strongest labor market is expected in the Agriculture and Fisheries sector, where the net employment outlook is + 14%.

Additionally, respectable payroll gains are expected from the Mining and Banking, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sectors. Both with + 11%.

Regarding the Public Administration and Education sector, they are at + 10%, and employers in the Manufacturing sector forecast some employment gains with a perspective of + 6%.

However, employers in three sectors hope to cut payrolls. The weakest outlook of -6% is recorded in the Construction sector, while the outlook of -2% is recorded in both the Services sector and the Wholesale and retail trade sector.

-In the regions-

Employers in four of the seven surveyed regions expect to increase their payroll during the next quarter, especially in Junín, where the employment expectation stands at + 10%.

Lima employers forecast modest employment gains with a + 6% outlook, while in Piura and Lambayeque the outlook is + 3% and + 1%, respectively.

Meanwhile, employers expect to cut payrolls in three regions: La Libertad and Cusco, with outlook reported at -3%; and Arequipa with perspectives of -2%.

-By company size-

Medium and large business employers forecast workforce increases during the third quarter of 2021, reporting net employment outlooks of + 16% and + 9%, respectively.

Meanwhile, small business employers expect to cut payrolls, reporting a -2% outlook, and Micro-business employers report a moderate -1% outlook.


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