Employment will confirm its slowdown in 2020: it will go from creating 346,000 new jobs to only 261,000

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Job creation will continue during the next two years in Spain although this is moderated. Specifically, if the recently completed 2019 closed with 1.8% more employment, this year will be 1.3% and 1.4% in 2021. That is, during the next 12 months 261,000 new jobs will be created by 279,000 of 2021. What represents a strong break with respect to the 346,000 new jobs left in 2019. In this regard, ManpowerGroup Spain’s chief executive Raúl Grijalba, the uncertainty of recent years is already taking its toll: «in 2019 we retreated at 2013 levels ».

These are some of the main conclusions of the “ManpowerGroup Index Number 55: Minor increases and changes in its composition” which has also pointed to the sectors that will be the fishing grounds of future employment: this growth in employment will be led by sectors such as construction and construction. services, with a minor contribution from the industry.

In any case, Grijalba has warned that any change in terms of flexibility in hiring or in the Minimum Wage “will affect job creation, especially in SMEs, and in the services sector that already accounts for 75% of the hiring”.

In his opinion, the future of employment goes through active policies that allow for stable and quality growth in employment. For what it has advised to opt for measures such as training and the acquisition of skills, the “up-skilling” and the “re-skilling” of professionals to increase job opportunities and face the impact of technology.

Thus, the authors of the aforementioned report have pointed out, the outsourcing process continues and it has been estimated that by the end of 2021 the service sector will already represent 75.8% of employment in Spain. That is, three out of four positions. Specifically, it has been estimated that more than 15.3% of jobs will be linked to commerce and 14.4% to business services. For its part, the hospitality industry will retain its relevance and concentrate 9.4% of employment.

In parallel, from ManpowerGroup, they have estimated that the process of aging of the population will continue and the increase in employment among immigrants will be greater than among the natives and in the age range of those 35 years and older. In addition, they have pointed out in this report the female work will continue its increase.

How will the new job be
Specifically, in relative relative terms of the two years studied, new employment among women would grow by 1.7%. If we take the level of studies as a reference, new and medium jobs would grow by 1.9% and 2.6%, respectively. while in the age group over 35 years of age jobs would increase by 2.2%.

The ManpowerGroup Index has concluded that the salary component (1.5%) and the full-time component (1.4%) will be accentuated between the characteristics of this new job. On the other hand, indefinite employment will fall slightly against temporary employment. .


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