Empty office towers stormed by rats

Office towers abandoned by employees due to the pandemic have benefited rats, which breed at phenomenal speed inside buildings in downtown Montreal.

In fact, pest management specialists have been overwhelmed for several months.

“Rats are very fearful beings. They’re hiding. But when there are no more personnel, they take the territory, ”explains pest management specialist Harold Leavey on the program“ À votre affaires ”.

“What is happening right now is that there are toilet bowls that have emptied, there are floor drains that are emptied, and it’s open sewers. The rats pass by there and take possession of the offices and colonize the offices. ”

Although the office towers are not yet infested with rodents, the situation remains worrying, according to Mr. Leavey.

“The risk is very high. If there is no activity going on in it, the problems will certainly increase. Mice give birth to babies every 28 days; 40 days later, the little ones give birth if no one takes care of them. It will not take long that it will colonize the whole place, ”he warns.

Montreal housing has also become a problem for exterminators, as several tenants and owners have decided not to maintain the premises properly in 2020.

“I can tell you that we saw bedbug infestations at the time of a magnitude that I have never seen, says the specialist. Guys, it’s been eight months and haven’t taken care of it. It’s pretty scary! ”

Mr. Leavey recalls that a citizen with a problem of rats, mice or bedbugs must “absolutely do business with professionals”, and this, as quickly as possible.


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