[EN DIRECT MARDI 24 MARS] The latest developments in the pandemic

Whether in Quebec or internationally, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting life as we know it.

Here you will find all the news related to this crisis hitting governments, the economy and the population.



Confirmed cases: 417,966
Dead: 18,615
Restored: at least 107,705


Quebec: 1013
British Columbia: 617
Ontario: 588
Alberta: 358
Saskatchewan: 72
Nova Scotia: 51
Newfoundland and Labrador: 35
Manitoba: 21
New Brunswick: 18
Prince Edward Island: 3
Yukon: 2
Northwest Territories: 1
Nunavut: 0
Canadian returnees: 13

Total domestic cases: 2,792

British Columbia 13
Ontario 8
Quebec 4
Alberta 1

All the news from March 24, 2020

10:35 pm | End of restrictions in Hubei, China

China lifted drastic restrictions for several months on Wednesday (local time) in Hubei province, the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

10pm | The Hong Kong Stock Exchange up more than 3% at the opening

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange opened up more than 3% Wednesday (local time), supported by the surge in the US market the day before on Wall Street.

9:15 pm | Panama goes into quarantine

Panama enters “full and mandatory quarantine” on Wednesday morning to curb the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, said President Laurentino Cortizo.

8.49pm | Tokyo Stock Exchange opens sharply higher after soaring Wall Street

Indifferent to the postponement of the 2020 Olympics which it had already largely anticipated, the Tokyo Stock Exchange started up sharply on Wednesday (local time), in the wake of the surge the day before on Wall Street and the marked decline of the yen against the dollar .

The star index Nikkei continued to climb in the first exchanges (+ 4.25% to 18,860.88 points), after having already jumped by more than 7% the previous day. The broad Topix index gained 3.9% to 1385.13 points.

8:27 pm | Jair Bolsonaro says quarantining Brazil could ruin the country

8pm | G20 emergency summit to be held Thursday via videoconference

A G20 “emergency summit” to tackle the coronavirus pandemic will be held by videoconference on Thursday under the chairmanship of Saudi King Salman, Russia and Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday.

7:28 pm | Trump eager to lift restrictions despite accelerating deaths in the United States

7pm | The first case of contamination with the new coronavirus has been recorded in Libya, announced Tuesday evening the Libyan authorities who had already taken measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic in this war-torn country.

6.13pm | The United States on Tuesday recorded its first death of a minor in connection with the new coronavirus, near Los Angeles.

5:59 pm | A 4-month-old girl reached near Lac-Mégantic

A four-month-old baby has coronavirus near Lac-Mégantic and his father believes that the five members of the family may all be infected.

5:54 pm | A person infected with the virus attended the Old Brewery Mission, in downtown Montreal.

5.10pm | 2,000 temporary employees laid off in Quebec

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4:42 pm | Minister Champagne requests help from Transat

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has asked for assistance from the Montreal carrier Transat to find Canadians stranded in three Central American countries, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

4:37 pm | No electricity discount, says Hydro-Quebec

Hydro-Québec does not intend to follow in Ontario’s footsteps by temporarily lowering its electricity rates.

4:19 pm | A dozen cases in a seniors’ residence in Sherbrooke

Eleven residents of the Manoir Sherbrooke seniors’ residence have been diagnosed with COVID-19, announced public health in Estrie

4:10 pm | Notaries “finally” considered essential services

First not included in the government’s essential services list on Monday, notaries were finally registered as professionals who must continue their work during the three-week break.

4:00 pm | On Wall Street, the Dow Jones soared 11.26%, its largest increase in almost 90 years.

3:40 pm | Claude Julien and Marc Bergevin give up 20% of their salary

Following the layoffs of the CH group, Claude Julien and Marc Bergevin give up 20% of their salary.

File photo, Pierre-Paul Poulin

3:29 pm | An infected Sainte-Justine doctor

He is the second staff member infected with the coronavirus. The affected doctor is currently in solitary confinement at home.

3.18pm | Many equipment thefts in hospitals

Medical equipment, including masks and disinfectant soaps, was stolen, both by employees and by patients and visitors.

3pm | France registered 1,100 deaths in hospital since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic and 2,516 patients were in intensive care on Tuesday evening, Health Director Jérôme Salomon announced on Tuesday.

2:50 pm | Canadian Grand Prix May Be Postponed, but will not be canceled, according to promoter François Dumontier said during a conference call on Tuesday.

2:25 pm | Delicate intervention with a man possibly suffering from coronavirus in Montreal.

2:10 pm | Residents who have completed their training may exceptionally practice as a doctor.

13:36 | 600 dead in the United States, nearly 50,000 cases officially declared.

1:28 pm | Trump warns that prolonged confinement could “destroy” the country.

1:24 pm | Quebec is studying the possibility of offering a premium to healthcare workers.

1:24 pm | Premier Doug Ford announced a drop in electricity costs totaling more than $ 160 million on Tuesday to make life easier for families and businesses during this pandemic.

1:22 pm | The number of deaths is rising again in Italy.

1:13 pm | “Doubling of cases every 3 days” in New York.

1:03 pm | Greta Thunberg says she “probably” carries the new coronavirus.

1:00 pm | Quebec now has 1,013 cases of COVID-19, 385 more than the day before.

12.50pm | Cases of community transmission in Montreal.

12:45 pm | Layoffs at the Montreal Canadiens.

12:41 | Medicine and nursing: graduates could be called in as reinforcements.

12.37pm | The City of Montreal announces payments totaling $ 1.14 million to the Centraide Emergency Fund to help the most vulnerable in the Montreal region during the COVID-19 crisis.

12.34pm | A cougar caught in the deserted streets of Santiago under curfew.

12:33 | Ireland closes all non-essential businesses.

Ireland has ordered all non-essential businesses, as well as public places like theaters, libraries or gyms, to close from Tuesday midnight in an attempt to stem the spread of the new coronavirus.

12:26 pm | The number of people affected by COVID-19 in Canada is 2,176 and there are 25 deaths, said Dr. Howard Njoo, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, on Tuesday.

12:21 | Ontario confirmed 85 new cases on Tuesday, lifting 588 people in the province.

12:13 pm | Hardware stores are calling for urgent amendments in Quebec.

11.50am | More than 3600 visitors in one day at the new screening clinic in Montreal.

11.50am | Cash is no longer accepted for the purchase of tickets at the facilities of the Société de transport de Montréal.

11.44 am | One million Canadians have returned from abroad in the past week, said Justin Trudeau.

11.42am | US states are suspending abortions in the name of fighting coronavirus.

11:25 am | Ecuador: COVID-19 reaches the Galapagos, a world heritage site.

11.10am | More than 2.6 billion people called to confine themselves to the world.

The containment of India, which will take effect at midnight (2:30 p.m. in Montreal), brings to more than 2.6 billion the number of people called by their authorities to remain confined to their homes to fight against the spread of COVID -19, according to a count made Tuesday from an AFP database.

11:04 am | Riyadh announces its first death and an increase in cases.

10.52 am | India declares total containment of the country.

10.37am | Quebec suspends certain deadlines in criminal justice matters.

10:35 am | Poland: no more than two people together on the street.

Poland followed the example of Germany on Tuesday by banning gatherings of more than two people on the public highway and severely limited travel to combat the spread of the coronavirus,

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10.34am | The United States could overtake Europe in number of cases.

10:12 am | Andrew Scheer said he plans to support the Trudeau government, which must introduce an emergency bill on Tuesday to deal with the economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic.

9.44am | Wall Street climbs to the opening, more optimistic about the recovery plan.

9:30 am | Unpaid leave for Bombardier employees.

Photo Agence QMI, Dominick Gravel

9:24 am | Russia does not have a “clear picture” of the scale of the epidemic in the country.

9:08 am | The mayors of the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau, Jim Watson and Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, asked their residents on Tuesday to avoid interprovincial travel, unless there is an essential reason.

8.50am | COVID-19 could cost air transport 252 billion (US $) in 2020.

The coronavirus crisis is expected to deprive the global airline industry of $ 252 billion in revenue this year, its federation warned on Tuesday, more than doubling a previous estimate of $ 113 billion.

8:48 am | The postponed Olympics will be “testimony to the defeat of the virus,” said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

8:47 am | COVID-19: three new cases at the Eva residence in Lavaltrie.

8:20 am | Japan proposed a one-year postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

8:15 am | Two paramedics from the Lanaudière region have COVID-19, and nearly 17 of their colleagues are in administrative segregation, TVA News learned.

8:03 am | Pakistan: six officials suspended for a “selfie” with a coronavirus patient.

7:38 am | Dollarama increases wages by 10%.

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7:25 am | Egypt imposes a two-week night curfew.

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli announced a two-week nighttime curfew across the country on Tuesday as part of the fight against the new coronavirus.

7:21 am | Thailand declares a state of emergency.

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6.58am | 514 dead in 24 hours in Spain, 2696 in total.

6:55 am | 122 new deaths in Iran, the official death toll rises to 1,934 dead.

6:44 am | Le Soleil and other regional newspapers interrupt their paper publications.

6:09 am | The first coronavirus death in Iceland.

Iceland on Tuesday recorded the death of a first person caused by the new coronavirus, a 60-year-old suffering from another pathology.

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3:45 am | Decline in new cases in Italy: health authorities very cautious.

Italian health officials on Tuesday called for “no illusions” about the decline in the number of new cases the day before on the peninsula, urging the population to comply more than ever with safety regulations.

3:40 am | Venezuelans challenge virus and containment to get supplies in Colombia.

2:33 | Panic spreads to New Zealand before general confinement.

2:21 am | The confinement of the epicenter city of Wuhan soon lifted.

The Chinese city of Wuhan, the cradle of the COVID-19 epidemic, will lift its travel restrictions on April 8 after more than two months of confinement.

1h20 | France in a state of health emergency.

France entered a “state of health emergency” on Tuesday for two months, a regime which governs confinement and other measures restricting freedoms.

1h15 | In Moscow, 100,000 cameras monitor the confined.

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