[EN IMAGES] Unhappy skiers in Quebec

Seasonal subscribers to Stoneham and Mont-Sainte-Anne ski resorts were refused entry to these centers this weekend following a computer error.

At the dawn of a long-awaited snowfall, many skiers stormed the web portal of Stoneham and Mont-Sainte-Anne ski centers on Friday to reserve their places.

Photo Didier Debusschère

Photo Didier Debusschère

Newly created, the La Passe platform, which allows holders of an annual pass to guarantee their places for evening skiing, broke down due to the strong influx.

Once the bug had been fixed, all the available places had already sold out and several subscribers could no longer register.

On Saturday, technical problems were still disrupting the La Passe booking portal.

Organizing officials from the two ski centers have indicated that they are “actively” working to resolve the glitch. It will be impossible to reserve for the week in the meantime.

Grumbling on social media

Dissatisfied, several skiers from Quebec have asked on social networks to be reimbursed following this imbroglio.

Photo Didier Debusschère

Photo Didier Debusschère

“For subscribers who wanted to come tonight [hier], of course it would be good to reimburse them or to give them compensation to tell them that we haven’t forgotten them, ”a skier told TVA Nouvelles from Stoneham.

The launch of the La Passe platform was intended as an initiative to meet public health requirements and reduce traffic.

– With Jérôme Gagnon and TVA Nouvelles

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