En Marche, Xavier Bertrand and the RN risk

No withdrawal on the lands of Xavier Bertrand? Last year, during the municipal elections, the general delegate of La République en Marche (LREM) Stanislas Guerini had asked the poorly placed candidates of his movement to withdraw from the second round “to beat” the party of Marine Le Pen. But this strategy is not self-evident for all Walkers during the June regional meetings in Hauts-de-France, where the RN is nevertheless strong. A senior macronie strategist refuses to hear about withdrawal. “I will push,” he assures us, “so that we can stay in the second round, including in the event of an RN risk. “

In question, the attitude of Xavier Bertrand during the last regional, in 2015. Arrived second behind Marine Le Pen, he had refused any alliance. The PS, which had finished 3rd, then withdrew to block the FN and had no elected in the regional hemicycle. This time again, Bertrand refuses any idea of ​​a second round agreement. Also in question, the systematic criticisms against the government of the one who wants to make these regional ones a springboard for his candidacy for the presidential election of 2022.

“If Xavier Bertrand asks us to withdraw so as not to shift the region to the far right, it is not possible. Either there is a merger, or we maintain our list, we will not be fooled! »Specifies this elected official. Only those lists which obtained at least 10% of the votes cast can be maintained in the second round. Before deciding on the strategy to be adopted, the Walkers will have to ensure that their candidate, the Secretary of State in charge of the pension dossier Laurent Pietraszewski, does indeed reach this threshold.

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