Enas Ezzedine declares that she was “Corona” while returning from Morocco

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The actress Enas Ezzedine announced that she was infected with Corona virus, and that she is currently present in the house stone, where she was infected during her last trip to Morocco.

Enas said through her account on Facebook, “Praise be to God until now, I am somewhat stable in my own house, and I do not mix with anyone and adhere to the preventive measures followed, and all of this is of course in follow-up with the Ministry of Health, unless the case worsens, then medical isolation occurs in One of the quarantine hospitals and this is the procedure followed by the Ministry of Health with me and with many people, and this protocol is followed in the whole world, not in Egypt, but bad cases are the ones that enter health isolation in hospitals and there is no need for her name if she is sick

Enas on Facebook

She continued, “Going down to the hospital and I have an meaning means that I will guide every person on my way and there is no equipped hospital that receives cases except the hospitals designated by the Ministry of Health and the ministry that converts cases that need to be isolated in a hospital and the virus has degrees in which degrees are sequentially from home with the Ministry of Health And it is used as a home quarantine, and there are cases that deteriorate, so they enter it in hospitals. This system is followed in the whole world.

She added, “The symptoms are very dry cough, dryness of severe pain in the throat, with difficulty swallowing, severe burning in the chest area, as if bricks on the chest, weakness, severe weakness, and pain in the body with headache and dizziness due to insufficient oxygen supply due to difficulty breathing, so there is no heat.” Do not exceed 37 and half of the text, because the body has not yet reached the stage that attacks the virus so that the temperature starts to rise, in order to attack the virus. “

She pointed out, “There is no reason to panic, nor to spread panic among people at all, nor videos screaming and sounding, and slapping all of this in fear and intimidation of people, and in it gives negative energy that gives many people fear of illusion, and gives up immunity, weakening because the psychological factor raises immunity.”

And she continued, “And as I said in the video, be careful and do what is against you, but without panic or spread panic among people because people really do not tolerate. Spread positive energy and talk to people about how many cases have turned from positive to negative and it was a state of fear and I was discharged from the hospital. She was simple and improved, and she is at home .. Spread the positive energy, please the people in need. “

And concluded, there are no final symptoms of sneezing or colds symptoms. There is no need so far called Corona treatment, and the procedures followed with me in case of pain, sore throat, or headaches. Like orange, kiwi, lemon, bananas, drinking warm liquids, avoiding cold drinks and stopping sugars forever .. The virus moved to me while I was returning from Morocco from two weeks in the plane by someone who was infected and what he said and he was knowing and his infection was discovered when he reached Egypt.



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