Encouraging the Contactless Society for Culinary MSMEs in Bodetabek, Gojek Makes Customers Safe and Comfortable

Tangerang, March 6, 2021 – Gojek, the leading super app in Southeast Asia, always provides solutions and becomes a mainstay for the community, especially during a pandemic. One of the efforts is to support the sustainability of the culinary MSME business in Bodetabek by encouraging a contactless society by providing non-cash payment facilities without direct contact with GoPay and PayLater.

Not only that, Gojek also provided hygiene kits and provided education at UMKM centers in Tangerang, Bogor and Bekasi. At the same time, this initiative will provide more convenience and convenience in implementing health protocols for culinary connoisseurs to eat on-site as well as GoFood food delivery and message services.

Dani Oktobianto W, Regional Strategy Head of Gojek, Jabodetabek Region stated, “Since the beginning, MSMEs have become Gojek’s DNA and we have always supported the sustainability of MSMEs which are also one of the drivers of the Indonesian economy.

During this pandemic, MSMEs are one of the affected economic elements, for that we invite MSMEs, especially in the Bodetabek area to keep #MelajuBersamaGojek and maintain customer trust by implementing the J3K protocol (Keep Health, Cleanliness, Security), and utilize Gojek technology to support the continuity of its business. “

Head of the Tangerang Regency Cooperative and Micro Business Office, Nurul Hayati, expressed his appreciation for Gojek’s steps.

What Gojek is doing is certainly part of the effort to move the wheels of the micro-scale economy, with the implementation of hygiene protocols, it can certainly increase public confidence so that it leads to selling merchandise of MSME players. Apart from that, Gojek also supports UMKM Go Digital players so that they do not only rely on selling food on the spot, but also online “.

Dani added, Gojek’s efforts to facilitate and encourage business continuity for its merchants include technological and non-technological efforts. One of them is an effort to move culinary MSMEs to rise by offering a variety of traditional culinary delights in hawker centers in several Bodetabek areas.

These culinary MSMEs are joining as GoFood merchants and also GoPay merchants so that these two services help MSMEs to be able to serve their customers both who eat on the spot and through GoFood food delivery orders.

Not only that, Gojek regularly provides J3K health protocol education and facilitates hygiene kits such as recommendations from BPPOM, WHO and the Indonesian Ministry of Health, namely food safety seals, hand sanitizers or hand washing facilities for employees, visitors and Gojek Driver partners who will deliver food orders, the use of masks, face shields, the application of a customer spacing indicator at the dining table for visitors or customers, a waiting area for driver partners who are at a distance from each other, and recommendations for the use of temperature information cards for employees who manage food and Gojek Driver partners.

This was taken as part of an effort to participate in reducing the spread of the Covid19 virus while providing a sense of security to customers. Adding to a sense of security, right across from the GS Food Street, the Intermoda BSD modern market, Gojek also presents the J3K Safe Post which is a check point for implementing the J3K protocol to driver partners, where drivers will be checked for body temperature, disinfected in their vehicle units, thereby increasing hygiene when customers buy. food via GoFood.

Efforts to support the MSME culinary center were also provided at Taman Jajan Gaul Anggrek Loka BSD, Taman Snack Tumaritis Serpong, culinary center Pasar Modern Graha Raya Bintaro, Galaxy culinary center andajat Waroeng, both of which are located in Bekasi. “We will expand the reach of this support to even more culinary centers for other SMEs,” added Dani.

#MelajuBersamaGojek efforts are also provided in the form of non-technology support, namely knowledge provision and expansion of business networks among merchant partners in the online-based GoFood Partner Community (KOMPAG) which has been attended by tens of thousands of GoFood Merchant Partners.

For information, with all the efforts made by GoFood, in 2020 GoFood managed to provide a growth of 40% for merchants, especially MSMEs during the pandemic period1. In addition, at the end of 2020 there was an increase in the number of GoFood business partners by 50% so that a total of 750,000 Indonesian culinary business partners have joined GoFood.

J3K Protocol (Keep Clean, Health, Security)

The J3K protocol is a Gojek innovation to prioritize health protocols that involve all Gojek partners and users.

1. J3K Safe Post: Check Point for Gojek driver partners’ health protocols, vehicle disinfection and supply of hygiene kits that must be carried out by driver partners on a regular basis.
2. J3K NyAman Zone: Instant Gojek services with health protocol facilities, namely temperature checks, hand sanitizers, giving masks to customers
3. J3K protocol at GoFood Merchant Partners: advice and education on the use of safety seals such as labels and cable ties (zip ties), temperature info cards, and masks.
4. Contactless delivery feature using automatic chat, allows delivery of food and goods orders without direct contact with customers and driver partners.
5.Contactless payment dengan  GoPay dan Paylater.
6.GoFood PickUp for customers who want to take orders at restaurants / outlets by themselves, thereby reducing waiting times and queuing times, as well as reducing contact when taking food orders.
7.Ready to Cook Likes for customers who like to cook at home with a safe, hygienic, easy, and varied menu of foods that can make customers good at restaurant-style cooking, without the need to leave the house.


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