Encovi: 79.3% of Venezuelans have no way to cover food basket

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Research from Ucab, UCV and USB diagnoses that the nutritional situation of children under 5 years of age, “according to the weight-age indicator, reveals that around 21% are at risk of malnutrition and 8% are malnourished” .

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The national survey of living conditions 2019-2020 (Encovi) was released on Tuesday, July 7 by researchers from the Ucab, UCV and USB and its results are lapidary. The country is going through a voracious social crisis that has “79.3% of Venezuelans unable to cover the food basket.”

According to the data presented, “The intensity of poverty continued its increasing trend. If it is determined through the poverty line, it is found that 96% of households are in poverty and 79% in extreme poverty, a fact that means in the last case that the income received is insufficient to cover the food basket. If the multidimensional method is adopted, which includes five dimensions that include, in addition to income, other variables related to employment, education, housing conditions and public services, it is estimated that 65% of households are in poverty “.

In the absence of official data that the National Institute of Statistics (INE) would have to present, Encovi has become a reference for mapping the different social strata of the country, endorsed by researchers from the Andrés Bello Catholic University ( Ucab), the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and the Simón Bolívar (SB).

The population in Venezuela is estimated at 28.4 million, contrary to the official forecast of 32 million.

The report points out that “of every 4 households in at least one, food insecurity is severe”.

The Encovi 2019-2020 results on the nutritional situation of children under 5 years, “according to the weight-age indicator, reveals that around 21% are at risk of malnutrition and 8% are malnourished, a level that It is considerably distant from the registry in Colombia (3.4%), Peru (3.2%) or Chile (0.5%). Similarly, according to the height-age indicator, those who are chronically malnourished have been estimated at 30%. “

The job

“Due to mobility restrictions, unemployment increased by 6.9 percentage points nationwide. Households will need more aid: the increase in government aid and the challenge that future transfers be in foreign currency,” recommends the research. .

Up to 43% of households in the country report being unable to work or losing income.

“With the numbers of infected increasing and with a foreseeable increase in deaths from covid-19, there is no way of knowing the size of the looming health crisis”says the report.


90% of households in the country report interruption of electric service, according to Encovi. 32% reported daily failures, another 32% sometime a week for several hours, while 26% say they have a failure once a month. Only 10% of the population reports not having electrical problems.

In relation to water service, “of every 10 homes, almost 8 are housed in homes with an aqueduct connection, 1 is supplied with water by the use of a tank truck and the rest uses a public fountain, pond or other means.” 12% of the registered households say that they use the tank truck.


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