End of Four and a Half: Altuna passes over Jaka and takes the Four and a Half

One Altuna this Sunday he felt more champion than ever. Not for taking a heads-up revenge against Erik Jaka. But to get resurface after the significant blow he suffered in his morale after losing the previous final. In just one month it has been remade to return to the top of the Four and a Half Championship. He has learned to assimilate the blows and to turn the situation around in record time. Never have the same protagonists of a final had so little time from one momentous encounter to another, and Amezketa’s met the test with flying colors.

He put his ghosts aside in the semifinal duel against Elezkano II. When he was 8-1 against and was at the rest he wondered what would happen if he lost. It was answered. And he realized that you have to keep working because life goes on. From that moment on, Altuna III was another. This Sunday too. The one who dressed in red rescued his essence to capture everything he knows on the court and obtain a resounding victory against Lizartza’s.

The heads-up champion was not the one from other times. This time he had to suffer the other side of the coin. His rival overshadowed him. He got the most complicated. The confidence that he brought after having risen to the highest title was turned into doubts. And at the speed with which it is played in the limited one at present it is the worst that could happen to it. It lost the shine it had. Altuna III turned it off.

So what Jaka started very seriously and with a 3-0 in favor in which he showed that he was going for everything. He opened the light with a ball per wall, which was followed by a hook and the third goal was a service. Attack was his best weapon. But Amezketa’s was feeling good and waited for his chance and returned the coin with three fairly similar actions. In six points, only fifteen points were crossed, which predicted that the shock was going fast and dog-faced. But what few expected was that the tension would last so little. The score was even again on the fifth card, but by then Jaka had already shown signs of being uncomfortable. A couple of mistakes by the one who wore blue allowed him to remain hooked on the crash, but a forehand volley that went to the counter was the beginning of the end.


Altuna III put the direct. His aggressive play worked. He showed that his legs were good and his head came to a boil. His ideas surfaced and he knew how to play the ball that hit his opponent the worst at every moment. Well at the feet, a two walls, or a stop. As Amezketa’s got it, Jaka got small. He could only think about defending and could not extract from the hat a brilliant blow that would get him out of trouble. A shot of 13-0 opened the doors of heaven for Altuna III. He knew he was close to victory, but kept his guard up to avoid disappointment. The one from Lizartza managed to break the dynamics of his rival but for a short time. This time he didn’t have the ability to stir to stick his head out.

The amezketarra was not up for many concessions. He had suffered too much and this time it was his turn to enjoy. He did, and shortly afterwards he planted himself on cardboard 22. He’s up again, after checking what it feels like to hit bottom. That way the txapelas taste better.

Scoreboard: 3-0, 3-5, 5-5, 5-18, 7-18, 7-19, 9-19 and 9-22.

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