End of his career, Parkinson’s disease … Confessions of Michael J. Fox

“Accept your life as it is, with the disease”. At 59 years old, Michael J. Fox, eternal optimist, published his memoirs, announcing in passing the end of his immense career. Diagnosed exceptionally young as suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the star of the Back to the Future saga looks back on the ordeal of the past thirty years which has not prevented him from pursuing a long and prolific career. Until this day.

On the occasion of the publication of his memoirs, Michael J. Fox engages in an intimate interview in the columns of the Guardian. He tells about his recent health problems, an operation unrelated to his illness which nearly cost him his life, his vision of the political tension of the moment in the United States, but above all his enthusiasm for a life he would not trade. for nothing in the world. “I will not have the opportunity, in my lifetime, to know the arrival of a treatment for Parkinson’s disease,” he said. But by her own admission, the disease allowed her to quit alcohol, which likely saved her marriage. Unable to write (on paper as on keyboard), the actor says he dedicated his book to his assistant.

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Peaceful end of career

Michael J. Fox’s book is called No Time Like The Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality, open reference to the trilogy Back to the future which was the peak of his career. “It wasn’t until recently that I realized how timeless this saga is,” he says. Back to the future to a teenager today, he’ll appreciate it. “

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In recent years, and again very recently, the life of Michael J. Fox has been marked by retrospection and nostalgia, the end of his career becoming inevitable, but full of joy. “It might sound strange, but when Eddie van Halen died my kids found a picture on the internet that looked like I was 12 and he was 14. I thought about that moment. : ‘What a wonderful life I was able to live, so that my children could find a picture of Van Halen and me so quickly.’ Look at what I have been able to do! ” “Some changes are difficult, he confesses. But limited as I am, if you had told me when I was diagnosed that I would have this life 30 years later, I would have gladly accepted it.”

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