End of the saga: a generation back to Argentina with Vitor and Juanca

Saudi 360 The newspaper “laopinionaustral” reported that the union’s professional, Leonardo Gil, finally returned to his country, Argentina, after a complicated and crazy trip, with his fellow Sergio Vitor player, Dhammic club, and Christian Juanca, youth club player.

Under the title “End of the Saga: A Generation Returns to Argentina with Vitor and Juanca After 10 Stranded Days,” the Argentine newspaper said, “The three footballers who play in Saudi Arabia have been stuck at a German airport for a week. They got a trip to San Pablo and from there they reached Montevideo. On Monday morning, April 27, they were boarding a plane to return to the country. ”

“They are tired of keeping the quarantine in Saudi Arabia, as the situation was getting worse, the three athletes decided to try to return to the country to be with their families. Juanca decided to leave the Arab countries with his two daughters and his mother.

“On Friday, they managed to reach the German airport in Frankfurt, but they could not take a plane that would bring them closer to Argentina until a week after they landed on a Lufthansa flight to Sao Paulo. From there they boarded another plane to Montevideo and from there they will take one of the two flights scheduled by Argentine Airlines on Monday from Uruguay. ”

“In Germany they slept in the airport hall, although they got two rooms in a small hotel, but they left the places to the Juanca family,” she concluded.

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