End-of-year celebrations, reopening of certain businesses, holidays: Alexander De Croo takes stock

On RTL-TVI, Alexander De Croo was asked about a possible reopening of stores on December 14. According to him, the situation will have to be analyzed in the coming days before the famous consultation committee on Friday. “We will look at the facts, we will look at the figures. We are seeing a drop in contamination for the moment and it is a fine collective effort by the Belgians. We must therefore assess the epidemiological situation and see under what conditions certain reopening will be possible . However, we must say to ourselves that we will remain in a period with very restrictive measures. ”

For our Prime Minister, it must be based on two phases. The first is to contain the virus and bring the numbers down so that the situation is, again, under control. The second phase, according to him, is that of mastery. We must continue to keep these numbers low.

Can non-essential stores have any hope of reopening on December 14? “I would like to give perspectives, but to give false hope is worse”, simply declared the Prime Minister who does not go too far on the subject. Asked also about the possibility for certain businesses to open by appointment with consumers, De Croo was content to say that “we have to wait until Friday and the consultation committee.”

Alexander De Croo gave some details on the organization of the end-of-year celebrations which will take place within five weeks. Regarding the social bubble, the Prime Minister still seems rather pessimistic about its enlargement before the holidays. “It would surprise me to do it, we know that it is the social environment that leads to contamination. I understand that for single people, it will be a difficult period but we ask to pass this course.”

Alexander De Croo also revealed that for him, Christmas Eve will be organized with his family hearth.

Friday, he asked to avoid going on vacation in the mountains and he reiterated his comments on the RTL-TVI set. De Croo calls on the population to stop “finding an escape from the rules”.

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