Endang Mulyana’s post, Lesti Kejora’s father, was deleted, the original attitude to Rizky Billar is revealed

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Sworddut relationship Ready Kejora and Rizky Billiards always be a concern. Recently, it was revealed that Lesti’s father, Endang Mulya, had even reportedly deleted posts.

Reportedly the idol Leslar fans this is going to get married.

Then a close relative of Lesty Kejora appeared, Ali suddenly gave his message so that the singer of the song Kulepas with sincerity still maintains his health

“The important thing is not to overdo it and take care of your health, he is also an adult as a family, just a reminder,” said Ali.

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Regarding the pros and cons of the relationship between Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar, Ali responded as something normal.

Yes, it was reported by TribunJakarta from KH Infotainment’s YouTube channel on Thursday (29/10).

So what makes the news of the marriage so highlighted?

It turned out that the news was discovered after a family meeting between the two was discovered through father’s social media uploads Ready Kejora, Endang Mulyana.

However, the upload has been deleted Endang Mulyana this time.

Yes, the upload has been deleted Dad Ready Kejora.

Then, Ali again revealed the family’s attitude towards Lesti’s relationship Rizky Billiards.

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