Energy prices, wages, pension reform… The PS urges Alexander De Croo to convene his government and take decisions

In mid-May, the French-speaking socialists had presented 13 proposals with a view to protecting the purchasing power of the middle class in the face of rising inflation. A month later, they are doing it again as the end of the political year looms.

“As Prime Minister, there is a need to listen to people who are suffering socially, you have to be concrete, and it is the role of the Prime Minister to bring his team together and find solutions. . He is asked to assume the function which is his, ”said the leader of the PS group in the Chamber, Ahmed Laaouej, on Monday on Bel-RTL.

Sunday, the president of the party, Paul Magnette, made the same speech on the set of RTL-TVi. “Nuclear energy, pension, energy prices, wages: these issues are on the table, it is high time to decide,” he said.

Several files are awaiting progress by July 21, or even earlier, while the atmosphere is tense in the Vivaldi: the job deal, part of the pension reform, the extension of measures which reduce the energy bill, etc. not to mention the desire expressed by Mr. De Croo to increase investment in Defense to 2% of GDP by 2035. The PS has denied that it is already engaging in an electoral campaign. “We are not in an election campaign, we are facing social emergencies. And that’s what we say: we have to take stock of the situation. And we cannot simply afford to make big declarations without a future, we have to come up with concrete things, ”explained Mr. Laaouej.

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