Enervated, the residents of Saint-Josse have cleared a road construction site “abandoned since December”

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“I’m collecting stones, can you help me?” »Caroline shouts to a local resident who comes out of his home in rue de la prairie, in Saint-Josse. This Saturday, August 1, residents of the crossroads between rue de la prairie and rue Linné organized themselves to clear a site that had been abandoned since December.

“Vivaqua began work in October, it was scheduled to end in December, the company which was to come to finish the site has never appeared”, regrets Jo, a neighbor who lives a few steps from this crossroads. “My car was blocked for two months because of this site, residents with disabilities no longer know how to pass through here and even ambulances and police cars must follow the deviations in order to get here,” he continues.

>> Find testimonials from residents. “There is drug trafficking”

>> The residents have called on the town on several occasions.

>> Bourgmestre Emir Kir says he was not aware of the complaints.



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