Enes Kanter back in Boston for a year, owl, pivot returns in fourth heart franchise

Here is the long awaited reinforcement in the painting of the Celtics! In fact, he is a player well known by the Green House, who already spent a year there … not so long ago: Enes Kanter. The Turk is therefore doing it again, and is back for a short season to bring offensively. Yes yes, offensively.

We saw the day before yesterday Dwight Howard make a second comeback to the Lakers, and here is Enes Kanter returning home, to Boston, after having already returned home to… Portland, last summer. Like Dwight, Kanter likes comebacks, but he likes it when it’s even more original. It must be said that Nénesse loves every franchise he goes through so much that he doesn’t even know where he wants to play. Anyway, Kanter returns to where he already evolved in 2019-2020 and despite a less important playing time than in Portland, we have to believe that the pivot was enjoying himself in Massachusetts, and that he was also appreciated by his coach, Brad Stevens. Today General Manager of the Celtics, it is he who made the decision to bring back the number 11. Proof that wherever he goes, this good old Kanter does not leave indifferent.

Appreciated by fans of every franchise he’s been through, thanks to his dedication and his love for every jersey he wears, Enes Kanter must have enjoyed playing for one of NBA’s most legendary franchises. After a very disappointing season collectively with the Blazers, he returns to bring his experience in the Celtic revolution, and what better way to make the revolution than to recall old faces. The advantage is that he can help Ime Udoka coach Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown, since he already knows his teammates better than the new coach himself. While the fans were clamoring for a big 5 position, capable of defending and bringing real physical volume to the racket, here is a 5 position capable of… scoring points. Not sure that this enchants the green supporters around the world but the energy, the hustle and the goodwill of an Enes Kanter are always appreciable, so, why not…

Celtics fans, are you happy with the return of the great Turk in your racket? The pivot returns in any case to Boston for a year and a contract certainly reduced to try to plug the holes and bring, in a franchise that still dreams of a return to the NBA Finals, for more than ten years now.

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